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  • You focus on the
    Sexy Part of
    Sales Success.

    We handle the
    Ugly Part for You.

    Sales and marketing can have a high amount of technology, data, and can need a Designer's touch.

    We handle all that for you.

    Graphic Design >>

    Websites. Brochures, Advertising. Video & more.

    Marketing >>

    Google. Social Media. What you do next.

    << What Our Clients Say

    Don't take our word for it. Listen to them.

  • Graphic Design

    .... is not just what it looks like and feels like.
    Design is how it works.

    -- Steve Jobs

    Websites >>

    Visuals, Content, Building.

    Print >>

    Brochures, Product Sheets, Catalogues,
    Almost anything on paper.

    Branding >>

    Logos, Corporate Materials. Your business, visually.

    Advertising >>

    Print and Digital.

    Video >>

    Product Demos, Instructions, You.

  • Websites

    What one thing
    does your website
    need to do in an
    absolutely superb way?

    What does your target market need from your website?

    We can help you work through these and other key questions. Send us an email to start the conversation.

    ( We know people like to see examples of our work. Here are three... )

  • Print :
    Almost Anything on Paper

    Your clients aren't on
    the internet 24/7.

    Your message needs to work offline
    as well.

    Printed materials provide the information your clients need.


  • Branding

    “There are no cover bands in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

    -- Scott Ginsberg

    We custom design to communicate what is unique and valuable about what you do.

    Making you memorable is tough and it's not fast, but it's necessary if you're serious about growing your business.

    We handle that for you.


  • Advertising

    Does Advertising
    Still Work?

    Bad advertising doesn't work.

    Good advertising does.

    We help your advertising work.

    Work to reach new clients.

    Work to influence your market.


  • Video

    Product Displays.

    How much time do you spend demoing your product or showing people how to use your service?

    Wouldn't it be easier just to send them a video link?


  • Marketing

    Nobody really
    wants marketing.
    They want more sales.

    Marketing is a means to an end.

    Google >>

    Search Engines. Analytics, AdWords, Landing Pages.

    Social Media >>

    Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, The Next Big Thing.

    Planning >>

    Was that ad supposed to go to the magazine?
    Don't worry, we handled it.

    What you do next >>

    You have an opportunity. Now what?

  • Google

    You can't Kobayashi Maru your way to
    the top of Google.

    We don't believe in no-win scenarios. We help you promote your business via search engines with services like....

    • optimizing your website so it displays well in search engines.
    • creating content that helps people find you and appreciate you when they do.
    • emailing regular Analytics Reports about your website's visitors.
    • creating & monitoring online ads, including Google AdWords.
    • designing specialized web pages to take advantage of specific opportunities.

    Contact us to discuss improving how your business is found on the Internet.

  • Social Media

    Every Business says
    “We Listen to Our Customers”

    With so many platforms, where do you focus? Our recommendations:

    1) Spend time listening, not talking.

    Which platforms are your clients using? Who are your prospects listening to? Listen to them, too.

    2) Test.

    Which platforms give you a better return?

    3) Start some conversations.

    Conversations are the basis of marketing.

    Social Media success is not fast and it can consume your time. That's ugly. We can help you with that part.

  • Planning

    Some of what we do for our clients is invisible.

    A distributor calls looking for photos of your products for one of their promotions. Who has those images handy?

    A tradeshow venue has strict rules about when things are delivered and who can handle them. Who deals with that?

    Your ads for magazines and online publications have formats, deadlines and tracking codes. Who knows them?

    That all sounds ugly.

    We handle that part for you.

  • What You Do Next

    “People don't realize our product also does X.”

    “We want to grow Market Segment Y. How do we do that?”

    “For our company's 25th anniversary,
    what special thing can we do for our clients?”

    There are marketing opportunities that don't have simple answers from a book.

    We help you by offering creative thinking and decades of experience.

    What you do next is contact us.

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    Ask us a question.
    Request information.
    Or just say “Hello.”




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  • Background

    “Do not wait to strike
    till the iron is hot;
    but make it hot
    by striking.”

    -- William Butler Yeats

    IronStrikesIron are a team of restless professionals who seek better solutions for getting things done and getting results.

    Since 2006 we’ve helped our clients grow.

    Ed is responsible for your relationship with IronStrikesIron. Contacting him is your first step.

  • Edward J. Bebee

    It all started because he could draw.

    That led to work for some of Canada's best firms as both a Graphic Designer and a Manager of other Designers.

    But a funny thing happened. Ed started being asked to consult on more general marketing and business issues.  He contributed articles to business magazines.

    His talent for understanding technology led to Ed being on speed dial for companies whose sales and marketing efforts became IT-heavy.

    He has worked with small companies and has worked with some of the World's biggest brands.

    Today Ed leads IronStrikesIron.

    (416) 778-5215 ext 101

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  • Testimonials

    Words from Clients...

    “IronStrikesIron has been a valued marketing advisor and executor. We benefit from their ideas and experience with every project we work on. It's like having a bigger marketing team on call when we need it.”

    — Glassopolis


    “(We have) used the services of IronStrikesIron since 2006 and have been very pleased with their efforts.

    Ed Bebee and his team are highly qualified and most enjoyable to work with.

    We recommend ISI to any company requiring new ideas and support for their marketing.”

    — Transcom Fleet Services


    “It was absolute pleasure working with IronStrikesIron. From start to finish, ISI was very organized in their approach and made the whole process easy for us.

    Our website is everything we could have hoped for and more!”

    — Primary Care Advisory

  • Contact Information

    IronStrikesIron Creative
    Communications Inc.

    (416) 778-5215